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Together We Own It's mission is to work with youth at-risk to break the cycle and move forward by engaging in positive activities, inspiring peers and motivating others to be the best they can be.  We strive to foster a sense of connection between youth and their community by connecting people and resources, mentoring, educational enrichment, and recreational empowerment.  Our programs serve youth ages 0-18 and their families.  Our ProgramsGood Stuff:TWOI fills the gap when it comes to things necessary to build confidence like proper fitting/ sized clothing items, toiletries and other necessary good stuff.  This program serves youth ages 0-18 and students up to 21.If you opt into the program, you/your child will receive assistance with necessary items.  Items that Together We Own It may provide include help with school uniforms, general clothing and outterware, undergarments, hygiene items, school supplies, and other basic youth needs.  Edge Community Schools: We step into schools and ensure a connection between the classroom and the community.  By providing enrichment and discovery, students are able to guide their education and own their future. Through after school and summer programming, in class activities and the materials each student can take home to enhance their academic abilities, we can transform your school into a pillar for your community. Rise Up Community Center: Rise Up is a community center serving youth ages 12-18 and their families in Carroll County. Our mission is to build stronger neighborhoods by empowering youth to become civically engaged and better educated. This is a youth-driven program providing a safe space for youth to discover their strengths and abilities and to explore opportunities for success through community engagement, restorative practices and positive youth development. Mentoring: One on one mentoring for youth in first through twelfth grade.


Katie Speert
Executive Director

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