Cindy Cisneros, LCPC-S, Creativity Coach

Cindy Cisneros, LCPC-S, Creativity Coach


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My Values in Creativity Counseling and Creativity Coaching

Creativity Counseling and Creativity Coaching are a special kind of counseling and coaching!  I believe in the power of knowing, understanding, and respecting you as a Creative Person to create meaningful and lasting change.  I also know when you support and understand yourself as a Creative Person, the symptoms you came in with will go away, and, more importantly, stay away.  I want you to feel empowered by your creativity,  and have a full toolbox to nurture yourself with.  Then you will be free to make the choices that get you unstuck, and bring your dreams back into focus. This is foundational to the work that I do. Above all, I believe in the power of Creative People, and am passionate about helping you achieve your dreams. I believe Creative People are our future and your voice needs to be heard! I support your uniqueness and authenticity, and I strongly believe in equality, diversity and inclusion. I stand as an ally and hold safe space for all genders, cultures, religions, races and orientations.
I believe in the power of knowing, understanding, and respecting you as a Creative Person to create meaningful and lasting change.

A Powerful Healing Philosophy for Creative People 

I have built my practice at Creatively, LLC, upon a basic, 3 part philosophy for helping people with creative, smart and artistic brains. Everything I do with my clients is centered upon this philosophy that I have researched, developed, tested, practiced myself, and watched those I work with implement and flourish. The fundamentals of this philosophy are 2 important things: 1, that creative personalities are distinct, and have commonalities and should be treated and supported as such, and 2, that creative people need to create in order to stay well. My philosophy for helping is 1, you must know your creative personality thoroughly, 2, you must learn the tools to support it fully, and 3, you must put your natural creative energies to work towards what brings you meaning in your life. When you do these 3 things successfully, you will be able to actualize your dreams! 
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Why I became a Therapist and Coach for Creatives

I grew up with many rules and expectations that smothered my authenticity and left me feeling profoundly unhappy. Blind to my own creative personality, I sought support from the mental health system, which ultimately also failed me. I was never seen as the creative person I was! Later, in Graduate School, I wrote a thesis on the relationship between mental health and creativity.  I was awakened through research to commonalities creative personalities shared: their strength, power, need to make meaning and live authentically. I also found the more creative people were, the more they needed to create to be well. These became foundational to my work!  

A Creative Artist, Practicing what I Teach

I created a philosophy for myself that I now share with other creative people,  to help you change your lives.   I have invested  professionally in understanding mental health for creative people, and hold a professional counseling licensure. I have invested professionally in understanding the creative processes, needs and daily demands on creative people in my work as a creativity coach. The balance of these perspectives and training allow me to see a complete picture of how to support you and help you live your life with ease. I believe in my work and live as an example of reclaiming your creative identity and power, and that when you do this, you can make your dreams come true! I don’t want you to struggle the way I did - you can benefit from my experience and learning.  I want to help you change your life!

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Counseling & Psychiatric Services
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