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InfoPathways, Inc.


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From network support to solutions for the most complex environments, we are Allies and Advocates for Human IT.  We have the solutions for cybersecurity, facility occupancy counting and safety, high-speed internet in rural areas, and just about any other technology challenge you are facing right now.Here’s what you get from us:Ideas + ExecutionWe don’t just diagnose technology problems. We solve them. We have the experience to understand the challenges that face your business and the knowledge and expertise to implement the solutions. We’re a little less talk and a lot more action.All Your Tech. Integrated.The technology that makes you successful includes hardware, software, processes, systems, and numerous service providers. They all have to play nice together—we get it. We ensure every element integrates like it’s supposed to. We make IT work.Comprehensive Solutions for Complex Environments.Biotech. Government. Infrastructure Construction. These are just a few of the industries we serve that are high tech with high stakes. We take a holistic, comprehensive approach to understanding the intricacies that your business technology demands.Your bottom line, always in mind.Technology can be costly. So can avoiding it. Our solutions always consider lowering costs, mitigating risk and ultimately increasing profits.Tech People + People PeopleOf course, it’s important that the machines are working right, but at the end of the day, it’s your people that matter. We are people who understand your people. We ensure that their relationship with technology is human-centered, and not the other way around. The machines don’t know that your people are your greatest asset, but we do.  


Mr. Thomas Bethune
Senior Network Engineer

Theresa Bethune

Mr. Mike Ditman
Network Engineer

John Mangus
Service operations Mgr.

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