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Accounting, Bookkeeping & Tax Services


At Midway Business Solutions, we provide a comprehensive range of business solutions. Our financial accounting services encompass month-to-month bookkeeping, advanced financial reporting, and seamless software integrations for precise and efficient financial management. With our IT services, you can count on us for identity and access management, endpoint configuration management, cybersecurity compliance, and access to top cloud providers. When it comes to digital marketing, we craft strategic social media plans, foster collaboration between our experts and yours, offer personalized reports and KPI tracking, and focus on enhancing customer engagement to ensure your business thrives in the digital landscape.

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Financial Accounting

  1. Bookkeeping: Month-to-month bookkeeping services involve regularly updating and maintaining financial records, including tracking income, expenses, and transactions, to ensure accurate and timely financial reporting for businesses monthly.
  2.  Advanced Financial Reporting: Advanced financial reporting offers in-depth analysis of financial data, including trends, forecasts, and performance metrics, to facilitate strategic decision-making and provide comprehensive insights into a business’s financial health.
  3.  Software Integrations:  Integrating third-party software with QuickBooks Online streamlines business processes by synchronizing data across platforms, enhancing efficiency, and ensuring consistent and accurate financial management and reporting.

IT Services

  1.  Identity and Access Management: Streamline user access, bolster security, and ensure compliance, all while enjoying unparalleled IT support and service.
  2. Endpoint Configuration Management: Experience control and optimization of your devices, ensuring peak performance, security, and compliance, all within our expertly managed service framework.
  3. Cyber Compliance: Stay ahead of threats and regulations with our expert guidance, ensuring your business adheres to the highest cybersecurity standards.
  4. Top Cloud Providers: We utilize top cloud service providers to offer you innovative, secure, and scalable solutions, tailored to meet the unique needs of your small business.

Digital Marketing

  1.  Strategic Social Media Plan: We create tailored content strategies, drive engagement, and analyze data to maximize your impact across all social platforms.
  2. Collaboration between your professionals and ours: With collaboration between our top professionals and yours we can innovate, strategize, and execute solutions that propel your business to new heights!
  3. Personalized reports and KPI tracking: Get tailored insights and metrics to monitor progress, make data-driven decisions, and drive your company’s growth efficiently.
  4. Customer Engagement: We focus on building lasting relationships, improving satisfaction, and increasing loyalty through tailored, effective customer interactions.


Brian Kuti
Owner/Senior Bookkeeper

Accounting, Bookkeeping & Tax Services
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